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Who Are We

oMazons LTD is a family-based company founded by cousins Asaf and Niv Mazon, each embarking on their eCommerce journey a decade ago. Asaf specializes in technology, while Niv excels in business and sales, collectively possessing extensive experience in various eCommerce facets. From operating private websites on Shopify and WordPress to presence on Etsy, Walmart, eBay, and most importantly - Amazon, the duo expanded their scope to offer services beyond their individual sales.

Our Service

oMazons LTD excels in managing Amazon stores holistically for investors, fostering profitable partnerships with shared returns. From company establishment to product sourcing, supplier negotiations, packaging, shipping, returns management, and real-time reporting, our integrated approach ensures investors navigate the eCommerce landscape seamlessly through the user-centric platform,

Our Partners

Why We Need Investors

1. Strategic Collaboration: In alignment with Amazon's policy prohibiting individuals from owning multiple accounts, the imperative for diverse identities is paramount. This strategic approach not only adheres to platform regulations but also distributes risks, safeguarding against potential disruptions.

2. Amplified Growth: The adage "strength in numbers" resonates on Amazon, where multiples accounts wield greater sales potential and resilience compared to solitary entities.

3. Financial Innovation: Overcoming lending limitations in the industry necessitates innovative approaches. Having investors as partners offer a pathway to financial flexibility and accelerated growth.


How We Operate

1. Product Sourcing: Identifying products with high demand and mid-low supply.

2. Supplier Management: Engaging with distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to secure products at competitive prices.

3. Fulfillment Options:

  • FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant): Unlike traditional FBM methods, we streamline the process by securing a Line of Goods from the supplier. Once a sale is made, we pay the supplier, who then ships the product to our warehouses for re-packaging and direct shipment to the customer. This efficient approach minimizes inventory cost with a fantastic cashflow opportunity.

  • FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon): For investors who want to expand, with a faster fulfillment and Prime listings. We handle wholesale purchases, preparation, and shipment to Amazon warehouses, following their strict FBA shipment policies. This option enhances visibility and attracts Prime customers, but more importantly; it brings higher margins since we purchase inventory in bulk, which allow us to get much better prices. Our approach ensures efficiency and flexibility, with FBM as the default option and FBA available upon investor request and approval.


Software Innovation

1. Strategic Insight: oMazons' proprietary software serves as a beacon of operational excellence, empowering investors with real-time data insights, trend analysis, and strategic decision-making capabilities.

2. Market Intelligence: Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, our software identifies high-demand products with optimal market positioning, driving revenue growth and market expansion.

3. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes, automated calculations, and intuitive dashboards streamline operations, enhancing productivity and maximizing profitability.

Challenges and Commitment

In the dynamic eCommerce industry, competition is fierce, and platforms frequently change their rules. With a decade of experience, we remain steadfast in our commitment to staying ahead of competitors, adapting to regulatory changes, and maximizing opportunities for our investors' success.

Our Plans

Tailored Investment Opportunities for Maximum Growth


Profit Sharing

40% Investor / 60% oMazons

  • Startup Cost: $5,000
  • Required Budget: $5,000
  • New Accounts: 1
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Profit Sharing

50% Investor / 50% oMazons

  • Startup Cost: $10,000
  • Required Budget: $20,000
  • New Accounts: 1
  • Aged/Supreme Accounts: 1
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Profit Sharing

55% Investor / 45% oMazons

  • Startup Cost: $20,000
  • Required Budget: $50,000
  • New Accounts: 1
  • Aged Accounts: 1
  • Supreme Accounts: 1
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Note: Aged and supreme accounts require separate purchases; startup cost excludes this expense.

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